Dollarize is us and you.

We are a team of professionals that combines financial and technology experts who have come together to provide access to a dollar account to all individuals and families looking to protect their savings and be more prepared for the opportunities or adversities of the future.

We want everyone to have access to the American financial model!

It all started here

We detected a problem Problema

In Latin America, in the last 10 years, currencies have been devalued by an average of more than 800% and up to 4,000%. Over time, families were losing their savings.

We provided a solution.Solucion

Use the dollar, a stable currency that does not tend to devaluate, like Latin American currencies, and does not fluctuate, like digital currencies.

We had a vision Visión

A fair world with equal opportunities and financial security. That savings should be worth the same, regardless of the country.

And we set ourselves a mission. Misión

To help through a real and stable currency. To change how people save and send money and to make it all accessible and regulated in the US.

What moves us?

A better world.

We enable anyone to progress thanks to the financial security offered by a dollar savings account.

Rising up against financial inequality

to help the forgotten segment of the population in need of rescue.

Providing opportunities for all,

regardless of where you come from. That your savings do not lose value depending on where you are.

Our investors